Whenever, wherever you've enjoyed your cruise, there's a very good chance Creation Worldwide Ltd. has been a part of it.

Seemless and peerless, our integration into many familiar brands has set the gold standard for cruise ship entertainment.

We pride ourselves on our continuing relationships within the industry and we're always working hard for our acts, musicians, lecturers, hosts, Cruise Directors and, of course, our clients to make this extraordinary holiday industry thrive.

Our recent achievements include record-breaking customer satisfaction scores with Saga and Cruise and Maritime Voyages, our success rate with providing musicians to the huge American liners and our ongoing supplying of unmatched quality guest acts.

We're always looking to push even further and now have an unprecedented one-stop solution for hiring every aspect of cruise entertainment and enrichment. Whether you want to get into the cruise industry or whether you want to get more out of your entertainment supplier; Creation is your truly Worldwide solution.